What is Oxo-Biodegradable?

Oxo-degradable technology means the product will degrade in the presence of oxygen, soil, micro-organisms and moisture. Our eco friendly take out bag, the Dsack contains a unique agent that helps break down the carbon-carbon bonds in the plastic and reduces the strength of the bag when exposed to oxygen.  As the bag continues to degrade into smaller and smaller pieces it becomes a nutrient for microbes which consume the fragments leaving behind water and CO2 and reusable biomass. This process leaves behind no harmful residues or toxins. It is in this way that Biodegradable take out bags and OXO-degradable grocery bags are more environmentally friendly than the competition. 

The Dsack will degrade in 12 to 60 months under these proper conditions in accordance with ASTM 6954.   It may not degrade in a landfill. Use The Green Bag as many times as possible, and when you are done with it, please recycle or dispose of the bag responsibly.